New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

If you have been accused of a crime or think you might be, you should contact a criminal lawyer immediately. No matter how minor the charge, it’s always beneficial to contact a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is one who specializes in handling criminal defense cases. The role of a criminal lawyer is to represent anyone who commits a crime in order to prove his or her innocence. A criminal lawyer with substantial experience and expertise in this field can work on strategies to cleverly cross-examine the prosecution witnesses to prove your innocence in the case. And, in case of extreme situations, an expert criminal lawyer can work out negotiations with the prosecution lawyer to arrange for a lesser charger or reduced sentence.

In order to have a strong defense, it’s very important to hire the right lawyer who has expertise and a proven track record in handling the crime of which you are accused. Only an expert lawyer can provide you with a reality check–a knowledgeable, objective perspective on the situation–and make you aware of what is most likely to happen, which can prove vital for the defendant in deciding whether to accept prosecutor’s offered bargain.

Criminal law in United States varies from state to state. Though a basic law code is followed all across U.S., it does differ a little across the states. For example, in New Jersey, you have a right to a speedy and public trial. Also, you have a right not to be convicted unless the State can prove each and every element of the offense with which you are charged. If you have encountered a situation where you need to seek the help of a criminal lawyer in New Jersey, it would always be to your advantage to go for a local lawyer practicing there.

It is unfortunately not always easy to find a good criminal defense lawyer. To find a good lawyer, it is always advisable to go by referrals from somebody who is familiar with the law practice. You may wish to sit through some public sessions of court while criminal cases are being argued. If you find a particular lawyer’s performance to be impressive, you may take note of the lawyer’s name and later contact the lawyer about the possibility of representing you. Each state and some major cities have organizations of criminal defense lawyers who can offer referral services or online directories. You can also browse through the yellow pages or online directories listing defense lawyers to find a good lawyer.

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New Jersey DUI Defense

Drunk driving or Driving under Influence (DUI) is a serious offense under New Jersey Laws. A conviction entails financial penalties, jail terms, community service and loss of a driving license for a certain period of time.

DUI cases have increased by thousands all over the state. Because of the increasing severity in penalties, most of those charged by DUI must seek alternatives to pleading guilty. Anyone charged with a DUI needs a good attorney.

The Defense accepts that most people charged are guilty, which not always the case. The evidence against the offender brought by the police in the form of an ultra red breath analyzer is subject to serious errors. The breath analyzer is regarded as tried and evidence, but it can be inadequate and can easily be a point of attack by a defense counsel.

Also, ‘opinion’ is gathered by police officers through s field sobriety tests. These tests are supposed to reveal the agility and sobriety of drivers. But recent studies question the accuracy and scientific validity of these tests. The defense attorney can get a pre-trial ruling that these tests are not valid evidence.

The misconception is that drunk driving is a minor offense. A DUI conviction can have a severe financial, social and psychological hardship on the defendant. A DUI defense attorney must not leave any stone unturned in defending his client

There is a myth that DUI cases can’t be won, and often times attorneys advise their clients to plead guilty. It is best to refer the case to a jury trial. When jury trials are available, success rates of acquittal are amazingly better.

Finally, a DUI case is not like any other criminal case. In any criminal case, physical evidence is collected and preserved, subject to independent analysis by the defending attorney. But in case of DUI, breath tests do not have to be saved. There are also Sobriety Check points that are set up by police departments to check DUI violations.

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How advertising influenced sinister scientists

This concept has been well documented by Graeme Donald in his book When the earth was flat…, which is a fabulous read, by the way.
How advertising influenced sinister scientists
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At about the same time as Vance Packard published his book The Hidden Persuaders in 1957, a market researcher named James Vicary burst onto Madison Avenue with a theory that would send Don Draper scurrying for a martini – with all the other Mad Men totally mesmerised right behind him.

The reason?

Vicary said he’d conducted experiments in a New Jersey cinema and had discovered “subliminal advertising”.

The advertising industry went ballistic. Vicary said he’d exposed 45,000 people with flash-images saying “Drink Coke” or “Eat popcorn”.

These flash-images were 1/3,000 of a second, which was too fast for the conscious brain to notice but were like headlines to the subliminal mind.

Because the brain had been influenced on an almost-hypnotic level, no defensive actions had been activated. The result, said Vicary, had been an increase in Coke sales (18%) and popcorn sales (57%).

Everyone agreed it made perfect sense.

Of course it took hardly any time at all before politicians started to become excited, too. Just imagine the possibilities!

As Graham Donald says, “there was a sudden and undignified scramble in the political arena as vast salaries were offered as incentives to entice opinion-makers and so-called Depth Men (psychological manipulators) away from their Madison Avenue desks and up to Capitol Hill.”

Of course, the CIA were very quick to pick up on the idea. “The CIA had spirited back to America numerous Nazi scientists and doctors, some of whom had used death camp inmates in various psychotropic and sensory-privation experiments in their own attempts to achieve total mind control. More than 30 war criminals were given new identities and employed in the set-up of the deadly sinister MK-Ultra programme, which used unwitting members of the public in a series of dangerous and, in some cases, lethal psychotropic experiments.”

Despite the best efforts of the ad industry, politicians, the CIA, scientists and many authors, nobody could make the concept work.

In fact, the experiments had never even taken place in that little New Jersey cinema!

In 1962, Vicary admitted it had all been a scam… there was no such thing as subliminal messaging. But it’s a funny world, because nobody believed him.

The more he shouted “scam!” The more they believed it.

Apparently, studies conducted in 2006 showed that, in America, 80% of people – including those who work in advertising or teach psychology – still believe in the sinister power of subliminal messaging.

And still, to this day, many broadcasters ban the production of this type of advertisement although (a) I don’t see how they can tell, and (b) I’m fairly sure that in South Africa, no agency makes them. And, even if they did, they don’t work anyway.

However, if someone ever suggests using this technique to promote your brand you might want to rather join Don Draper in the bar and put your ad budget to much better use.

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Treatment doe not kill TB completely

A new study has found evidence that – even after effective treatment – the bacteria causing tuberculosis (TB) can still be found in the lungs.
“Previous research has shown that the bacteria (mycobacterium tuberculosis) have a remarkable ability to survive, even in the presence of antibiotics, and that these persisting bacteria are very difficult to detect or to destroy,” says the lead researcher, Dr Stephanus Malherbe, from the Immunology Research Group (IRG) at Stellenbosch University’s faculty of medicine and health sciences (FMHS).

Treatment doe not kill TB completely
© Alexey Romanenko


The study tracked areas of inflammation in the lungs of 99 HIV-negative adults in Cape Town that were diagnosed with TB. PET/CT scans performed during and after treatment revealed that only 14% of patients had no remaining inflammation in the lung after TB treatment was completed.

In 86% of the patients, some lesions with active inflammation remained, and in roughly a third of patients, new or apparently exacerbated lesions were seen in spite of most patients being cured. Patients are considered cured after treatment if their symptoms improve and no TB bacteria are detected in sputum by standard tests.

In many of these patients traces of TB (in the form of bacterial mRNA) was also detected in the sputum and fluid obtained through lung washings. “mRNA is a type of nucleic acid formed during metabolism and decays rapidly. Its presence would suggest that there are still live bacteria in the lung after clinically successful treatment,” explains Malherbe.

“These new findings are surprising and point to a very important role for the body’s immune response to suppress or eradicate any residual live bacteria after treatment. This suggests that treatment aimed at boosting the immune response may improve treatment outcomes in the future,” says Malherbe.

A global killer

In spite of treatment programmes providing highly effective and lengthy regimens to the majority of TB patients, unfavourable outcomes are a problem. These include failed treatment, relapse after initial cure and lasting lung damage.

According to the World Health Organisation, TB caused 9,6m new cases and 1,5m deaths worldwide in 2014. The standard treatment period for TB is at least six months on various antibiotics, but this could be longer in cases of drug resistance, when the disease affects organs other than the lung, or when patients respond slowly to therapy.

There are worldwide efforts to improve tools to deal with TB, such as rapid diagnostic tests, new and effective drugs that will allow shorter treatment duration and vaccines.

The study was done in collaboration with researchers from the Catalysis Foundation of Health, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine, and the National Institutes of Health in the USA. The research was recently published in Nature Medicine.

Unlocking Africa’s economic potential

There are fewer than fifty landlocked countries in the world but no less than ten form an interconnected chain across sub-Saharan Africa. Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Chad, the Central African Republic, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia form a band across the continent without any access to the coast.
Skilla1st via
Skilla1st via Wikimedia Commons
In a world in which 90 percent of all trade is shipped by sea, this is a major obstacle to their prosperity and development. Facing long delays and increased costs to move goods to and from global markets, these countries can struggle to meet the needs of their citizens. This, in turn, can have a damaging impact on their peace and stability.

Djibouti’s strategic importance

It is not possible, of course, to alter geography. But by providing access to world-class port facilities, these countries can be connected to global trade routes and helped to provide more opportunities for their people.

This is the role that Djibouti is determined to play. We may be a small country, no larger than the American state of New Jersey, but we understand that we have a big responsibility to the wider region.

Situated at the mouth of the Red Sea and at the gateway to the Suez Canal, Djibouti is a place of huge strategic importance. Uniquely, our country already plays host to the military forces of five members of the G7: France, Italy, Germany, Japan and the US. China will soon be added to this list. The naval forces of Spain, South Korea, the UK and many others are also frequent callers at our ports.

Our location puts us at the centre of world trade routes, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. Port activities and related sectors already account for over 70% of Djibouti’s GDP but we are investing $15 billion more over the next five years to improve facilities and transport links to maximise the benefits of our people, the wider region and the global economy.

Investments in transport links and infrastructure

This includes two new railways which are being developed. They will link Djibouti City and Tadjourah with Ethiopia, one of the largest and fastest growing economies in Africa with a double digit GDP growth rate over the last two decades. Djibouti already handles the bulk of Ethiopia’s maritime trade, transported on 1,500 trucks a day. The two new airports being built, along with the super highway to Ethiopia, will help to strengthen the links between Djibouti and its hinterland.

Even more ambitious is the Trans-African Railway project which will stretch across the continent to Dakar. This will build a corridor for goods and people, stretching from the east to the west and providing the countries it crosses with access to a world-class port.

Our strategic location and world-class facilities have also seen Djibouti’s importance as a trade hub recognised globally. China has selected Djibouti to be a key part of its maritime Silk Road project. This links Asia to Europe and the Middle East and will give a new boost to global economic growth. And it is easy to see why China wants to strengthen its trade routes with Africa. Our continent’s GDP is predicted to double by 2035, with the population expected to reach 2.5 billion over the next thirty years.

Djibouti is ready to play its part in unlocking Africa’s vast economic potential.

Short film conceived, directed and edited by machines at NDS, Cannes

At the 26th edition of Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase Premiers, at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, NDS 2016 Showreel and a behind-the-scenes video showed how Saatchi & Saatchi and Team One pulled off a short film conceived, directed and edited by machines.
The 2016 Showreel features an international selection of 20 directors hailing from Chile, Israel, Poland, The Netherlands, UK and US, but included one Artificial Intelligence (AI) director. The question was whether the audience were able to identify the AI film, which was created through collaboration between Saatchi & Saatchi, Team One and Zoic Labs in Los Angeles.

Intense subject matter and dedication to craft, feature strongly in this year’s NDS Showreel, with genres including horror, animation, drama, and music promos, with a smattering of humour.

Andy Gulliman, NDS curator and producer, and director of Film & Content, Saatchi & Saatchi, commented, “There’s an abundance of craft and different techniques on the NDS 2016 reel; from Claymation to full on AI, beautiful cinematography and amazing narratives. What is amazing this year is there are more directors not represented by production companies than any previous year. This year it was harder to find the humour we have recognised in previous years. In 2016. dedication to craft outweighs laughs.”

Criminal Defense New Jersey – Felony Assault Charge Can Ruin Your Future

Assault crimes generally involve an intentional or reckless act of violence that causes, at a minimum, bodily injury to another person. New Jersey recognizes many different levels of Assault.

Assault and battery are two different but related crimes. Assault generally refers to the “threat of violence or physical touching” against one’s will, whereas battery refers to the actual carrying out of harmful intent and involves unwanted physical contact.

Assault and Battery charges in New Jersey are normally graded based on the alleged injury suffered by the victim.

Felony Assault

In New Jersey, assault in the third degree, which is the most basic form of assault, is classified as a class A misdemeanor. This charge is often levelled against one, both, or in some cases all of the participants in a fight where someone is (not seriously) hurt unless a participant or an alleged victim is seriously injured, the charges may rise to felony level. Such a misdemeanor usually doesn’t entail any more than one year in jail at most, a fine, or a combination of both.

However, all other assault charges are felonies and they fall under First Degree and Second Degree. First-degree assault occurs when very serious injury (such as disfigurement or amputation) is attempted on and suffered by another person.
In the Second Degree Assault someone uses a deadly weapon when committing assault or causes serious physical injury to another.

Sentence and Penalties for felony assault in New Jersey

First-degree assaults can carry from 5 to 30 years of imprisonment.
Second-degree assaults carry up to seven years in prison and fines in some cases. Prior felony convictions of a defendant in the preceding ten years may increase the prison sentence imposed for his or her new conviction, whether the felonies were violent or non-violent in nature.


A victim may recover civil damages for an assault and battery, depending upon the type of injury. He need not prove damages in order to hold a defendant liable for a battery. If the plaintiff receives physical injuries, compensatory damages may be available to compensate the plaintiff for medical bills and lost income.

Conviction Records remain forever

If one is convicted in a felony assault case, his conviction records will remain indefinitely. This will make his life difficult as his future employers will be able to find this out. He will have problem in getting a house and advancing his career. Some of professions may be completely barred for him.

Hire a good New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Felony Assault Case
Assault cases require a very careful analysis of the facts the prosecution alleges and the injuries suffered by the victim. If you have been arrested, charged or think you will be charged with an Assault related offense in New Jersey, you need to speak to a good and experienced Assault and Battery Lawyer. He will defend you in Court of Law and save your future from being completely ruined.

Know Your Criminal Defense Attorney – New Jersey

New Jersey crime statistics indicate a downward trend in crime based on data for 11 years between 1999 to 2011. The state violent crime rate was lower than the national violent crime rate average by 4.91% and the state property crime rate was lower than the national property crime rate average by 5.62% (Ref:

However, the decreasing crime rate is not a solace for authorities in New Jersey. They have to continuously be on alert to check crime and bring criminals to justice. They like to bring every perpetrator of crime to book. But when you are charged for a criminal offense, your life is devastated. You need a good Criminal Defense Lawyer to defend you in the Courts of New Jersey. Criminal Justice System in New Jersey is a complex matter. With authorities and jury focussing on reduction in crime rates, it becomes very important that you defend yourself in the court armed with a solid plan. A good criminal defense attorney who has knowledge and experience in Criminal Law of New Jersey will prepare a defense plan and execute it to defend you in the best possible manner. Therefore, as soon as you are charged in a criminal case, find a good criminal defense attorney.

However, selecting a good attorney is not an easy job and you need to do some ground work before you choose one. Here are some points to remember:

1.Ask for a free consultation: Most lawyers offer a free consultation. This is time to know about him personally. See if you feel comfortable with him. Ask the questions about his law firm, his experience, his practice areas and the cases he represented. Ask for references and talk to the references to know their feedback.

2.Your attorney is open to all options: If you have committed crime, your attorney should be open to exploring the option of pleading guilty in exchange for a reduced crime.

3.An attorney dedicated to your case: If you hire a law firm, a team of attorneys might work on your case. In such cases, you should have an attorney as single point of contact for you and should handle your case guiding others in the team. He should be available for you when you need to discuss about the case.

4.The attorney should share his plan and line of defense with you: It will help you as you will know how your case is progressing. At the same time it will enable you give your inputs and suggestions for the case.

5.Your attorney is open to ideas and suggestions: Hire an attorney who is ready to listen to you. He should be a person who is open to your inputs and weighs them before accepting or discarding them.

6.Hire an attorney practising in the court where your case is being heard: The local lawyer will be familiar with court procedures and people around. If the lawyer has good reputation in the court, it will be beneficial for you to be represented by such a lawyer.

7.Know all details of his fees and charges: Ask for all details, upfront fee, other fees and expenses. Be sure that there is nothing left for future to decide.

Criminal Attorney Free Interesting Hint

You see, we should be very thankful that we are born in this modern generation because of the existence of the Internet. With the Internet, every information (whether about criminal attorney or any other such as washington defense attorneys, new york city criminal defense lawyers, chicago dui lawyers or even pa criminal attorneys) can be found with ease on the Internet, with great articles like this.

An orange county criminal defense lawyers play the dominant role in the market. Criminal lawyers play the essential role in the market and huge number of clients who are involved in the activity of criminal. The responsibility of criminal defense lawyers pertains to be higher. An orange county criminal defense attorney provides excellent services to the client for reasonable prices. Criminal defense lawyers are available in more numbers, and they provide service with regards to proper guidance and profession. An orange county criminal attorney will handle all kinds of criminal cases of the state clients.

Next, he will know the prosecutors and the Judges for the state. He should be able to tell you ahead of time what kind of plea bargain to expect and whether the Judge is the sort who makes people out on their sentences. This will give you a good idea about whether you should settle early on or press ahead for a jury trial.

Recently, these firms are following the trend of expanding their services on the Internet to be easily accessible. Their websites have benefited hapless people accused with the crime by helping them find out different types of attorneys at their fingertips, and that too within their range of affordability.

If this article still doesn’t answer your specific criminal attorney quest, then don’t forget that you can conduct more search on any of the major search engines like Search. To get specific criminal attorney information.

It is important for a client to ask what the charges against him are, and what would be the probable consequences if he were found guilty. The client can also ask the attorney what is the defense strategy, and if there are any potential defenses, and how would that apply to the defendant’s case. Apart from this a person is also advised to insist on a written contract, setting forth all costs and covered services. Online sites are available, and they provide information about criminal trial lawyers, for people to consult before hiring a lawyer.

It is very important for you to hire an aggressive San Antonio criminal attorney who will work hard to make sure that your case is resolved in the best way possible for you. Choose someone who will strive to devise a strong defense from the very beginning. This will help you avoid a criminal conviction.

Even so, before the court can accept this as such, you along with your criminal attorney have to show some proof. You will have to show a minimum of four reasons why you had to perform the act of using physical force against someone. The criminal attorney will have to show that you did not provoke the physical assault, that you were in danger of physical harm, that you only used force to prevent from the harm aimed at you, and that you only used the force that was required to protect yourself and nothing more.

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Criminal Justice Colleges Free Interrelated Guidepost

If your major interest is information related to criminal justice colleges or any other such as court records maryland, kirklands home store, criminal records job or public records search, this article can prove useful.

Also, when an applicant is making interviewed for a job, it is practically not possible to analyze the person completely based on the resume and the way the person is portrayed in front of the interviewer.

Any case could be terminated as long the plaintiff’s justice has been met, either by informal arbitration to the rate of undergoing court hearing. Upon withdrawal of case, the crime offender could walk away similar to a freeman, with the exclusion of some emotional impact, that is if the situation has carried on settled amicably.

There is an old saying overly goes, “Once a con always a con”. While this isn’t always true, unfortunately, it is the certainty of many people. We have a truly hard time trusting somebody who has been convicted of a crime. Why? Simple. If properties stole or injured or did something unlawful once, what’s to say they won’t do it again? In our uneasy universe as it is, it’s hard to know who to trust, even if they do not have a record. Certainly someone who has already gone down that road can’t be a desired gamble for going to get to a relationship with.

Don’t forget that you are only a step away from getting more information about criminal justice colleges or such related information by searching the search engines online. alone can give you more than enough results when you search for criminal justice colleges.

If you meet guaranteed standards as centered by the jurisdiction in which you live you may be eligible to erase or hide your criminal background.Different jurisdictions use different words to describe nearly the same legal remedy. That is, a mechanism by that you can erase, or at least tidy up, your criminal background. The expressions most often seen to describe this in state law are: “Expungement” “Expunction” “Sealing” and “Non-Disclosure.” I have placed these types of words in rank form according to how often I see them used.

Some states instigate the remedy very attainable (or easy to qualify for) and others hold a greater amount of stringent criteria. Regardless of jurisdiction, retaining a good, competent lawyer should always be your first step when pursuing a plan to tidy up your past.Why?

The dating world these days is much different then it has been in the past. Some supplies fancy blind dates undergo carried on sweet for many years. Others ways of meeting people such as the Internet or personalized ad’s have become increasingly popular.

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